by Seli Metzger

Safety notice

Dear subscriber,

A safety notice concerning paraglider harnesses equipped with CLICK-LOCK and T-LOCK buckles from Charly Finsterwalder has been published by the DHV (German Hang-gliding Association):

In view of the defective buckles, SWING publishes the following safety notice:

To avoid any associated risk endangering of to pilots, harnesses that are equipped with the defective buckles must not be used until further notice!
The following harnesses (equipped with foam protection) are affected by this safety notice:

  • Flight Design FLAIR GS-03-0272-03
  • Swing CONNECT GS-03-0272-03
  • Swing CONNECT 2* GS-03-0334-06

* Only the first version of CONNECT 2 harnesses has the affected buckles. The other versions are equipped with “Cobra” buckles from AustriAlpin. We therefore ask every owner of a CONNECT 2 harness to check if their harness is equipped with the affected buckles!

SWING is in close contact with the suppliers of the buckles.
We will keep you informed of current developments and inform affected clients about possible solutions via the SWING website and Facebook.

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