Polish Paragliding Champs - Astral 7 on top!

As meteorological conditions in Poland are unpredictable, Polish Paragliding Champs have been held abroad for many years. This year, after a survey among the pilots, the organizers chose Macedonia.

This choice turned out to be a jackpot. Macedonia was a positive surprise to all the pilots. Great weather, delicious food, attractive accommodation costs, friendly and open people, and 150 pilots taking part, probably the most of all the competitions organized this year in Europe. For the first time, SPORT classification (to LTF 2, CEN C) was a separate class.>br> The air was fantastic, cloud base reached 3200m and the best competitors had an average speed of almost 40 km/h

On the fourth day, the task committee decided to do something new and send the pilots away to the foreground, but unfortunately the conditions were very tricky. The competitors were spread all over the valley, and many people had to land in the vicinity of the second turn point.

That task was lucky for Jasen Savov who took a risk and flew straight to the point and won the day. Only 8 pilots reached goal. Comparing that to 75 pilots the previous day shows the high degree of difficulty of that task.

The SPORT classification (to LTF 2, CEN C) in the Polish & Ukrainian Open was a great success for Swing. Krzysztof Ziolkowski (Astral 7) became the champion, Polish SWING dealer Walter Wojciechowski (Astral 7) became the runner-up and Dynduk Boris finished in third position. To sum up: the event was very successful. Meteorological conditions and site conditions allowed to safe racing and certainly showed the great potential of Kruszewo in Macedonia

Our congratulations to Krzysztof and Walter!!

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