Astral 7 – Glide ratio > 10 !!!

Astral 7 – Glide ratio > 10 !!!

Sensational!! … The Astral 7 is one of the first EN-C gliders which has exceeded the magic glide ratio number of 10. The figure of 10.2 was given in the test report by the very discerning French magazine Parapent Mag. Test report pilot Philippe Lami says that this is the best Swing glider which he has ever flown. That emphasises again our slogan for the Astral 7: “the best Astral yet!”
It is becoming increasingly apparent that the Astral 7 is THE EN-C glider. In Spain, pilots have already flown the glider into second and third places, even alongside gliders in higher classes or two-liners.


The first pilots to switch from the Astral 6 are already enthusing about the Astral 7’s perfect handling. There was of course considerable praise about the Astral 6 in this respect too.

And what about you …have you already tried out the Astral 7?

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