by David Seren

Siglbauer again proves capabilities of Nexus

Bad Gastein, July 5th 2015

While with the Red Bull X-Alps 2015 the race for Monaco begins, SWING team pilot Didi Siglbauer uses the 5th of July to emphasize again the capability of the NEXUS.

Achieving 222.1 km of FAI triangle distance, he cannot only claim one of the furthest flights of the day. At the same time he proves that the right pilot-wing-combination makes it possible to close such triangles even under conditions that cannot be considered optimal. Many will envy him for the long final glide and he himself describes the passage near the main alpine spine as a highlight of the previous years.

With this one and two further impressive flights, Didi currently leads the sports ranking of the German XC championships. Actually he even hast a nearly 200 points lead over teammate Torsten Hahne (also on Swing Nexus).

SWING cordially congratulates to this performance.

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