by Daniel Kofler

Swing’s new website…surfing the sky!

After we completed our first global pilot survey, we decided to make content and completeness of information priority areas. We have kept to that and put a considerable amount of work into them over the course of the last year, so as to make the website more interesting and more user-friendly. It was also time to update design, navigation and various features.

Now it’s ready! The new website has many new features when it comes to navigation, filter options and social media. Several shortcuts should make it convenient to browse the site and allow you to have an enjoyable virtual experience.

Another change following the relaunch is the integration of the Powerplay site into the Swing site. All of Powerplay’s new products and product information can now be found on the Swing site.

Given the huge amount of data and the 550 or so pages, it is possible that there may still be minor discrepancies or errors. We apologise in advance if this is the case. It would be very helpful if you could point out any such problems to us, by sending a brief email message with the link and the incorrect information to with the subject “Website correction”. We will then correct the error promptly.

We hope that you like the new Swing website and thank you in advance for your feedback and suggestions. Enjoy browsing the site.

The Swing Team

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