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Dedicated work on proven profiles (Astral and Arcus) as well as unconventional methods with Research and Development (Inboard Camera) have resulted in the the very high standard of the ASTRAL 2.

The goals for improvement in climb and glide ratio, as well as improved stability, seemed almost too much to ask for. Its remarkable performance is easy to harness, so that not only top pilots can use this glider´s potential, but also ambitious recreational pilots can get to the top of the stack. Performance was not our only goal however, as many hours were spent working on safety. The result is dampened reaction from the glider in turbulence and extreme situations. This puts the ASTRAL 2 at the bottom end of the DHV 2 class. Diagonal ribs (cross tapes) over three cells on the ASTRAL 2 without line attachments results in increased performance in all respects. In addition, a 5 riser system and split A´s allows a most efficient speed system (excellent glide at speed with maximum stability) and split A´s makes the glider extremely user friendly.

The research into profiles which we have pursued, has resulted in the ASTRAL 2 being the most stable accelerated glider Swing has ever produced. We have also changed our lines to Betech for the best possible quality. The main reason for this change is better characteristics in overall performance and stability, particularly regarding its resistance to stretch. The 3-year/300 flight hours guarantee Swing offers underlines our commitment to better quality and gives every pilot confidence that he/she has made the best possible choice

Astral 2 24 26 28

Homologation non accéléré LTF

2 GH 2 GH 2 GH

Homologation accéléré LTF

2 GH 2 GH 2 GH
70 - 90 80 - 105 100 - 125


58 58 61

Surface (m²)

26,3 28,7 31,1

Surface projetée (m²)

23,3 25,2 27,5

Envergure (m)

11,8 12,3 13,1

Envergure projetée (m)

9,9 10,3 10,9


5,3 5,3 5,45

Allongement projeté

4,25 4,25 4,3

Masse de l'aile (kg)

6 6,3 6,7

Taux de chute min (m/s)

1,05 1,05 1,05

Vitesse avec accelerateur (km/h)

23 - 52 23 - 53 21 - 53

Vitesse bras hauts (km/h)

37 37 37

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Designs originaux


Le délai de livraison pour les couleurs spéciales peut fortement varier en raison de la fluctuation des commandes sur notre capacité de production. S'il vous plaît contactez votre revendeur pour demander le délai de livraison pour chaque produit.

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Foto: Martin Scheel / - Location: Italy
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Astral 2 24 26 28

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