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Astral 6 – THE top performance intermediate

With an aspect ratio of 6.4 and a very impressive glide angle which, according to our own tests, comes amazingly close to the Stratus 7’s glide ratio of 9.6, (more accurate figures are underway), this sporty intermediate glider will win you over with its fantastic handling and high-performance look.
Its tremendous performance potential, coupled with particularly smooth handling and impressive flight stability, make the Astral 6 the absolute top glider for performance-oriented cross-country pilots!
Its balance assists pilots to follow their course accurately and with confidence, to detect movements of air masses and to use them for the best possible ascent, whatever the conditions. At all times, the Astral 6 progresses comfortably and reliably and minimal steering adjustment is needed to maintain the desired bank angle.

* The indicated glide ratio still might change and will be defined in further tests of including other sizes.

Aspect ratio of 6.4 and High Arc Technology (HAT) see the dawn of a new era

For the first time, High Arc Technology (high aspect ratio with strong canopy curvature) was successfully transferred from the competition scene to an intermediate glider. In addition to the measurable performance and aeronautical advantages, it gives the Astral 6 its distinctive and elegant high-performance appearance – this will make any paraglider pilot’s heart beat a little faster. The new HAT concept allowed Michael Hartmann’s development team not only to make it as ideal as possible for competition and XC, but also to satisfy all LTF 2 manoeuvres.

Astral 6 – the innovative high-flyer from Swing

With the Astral 6, Swing is signalling that all future product development will aim for maximum performance, even in lower glider categories. This revolutionary leap in performance was made possible by the combination of technical know-how acquired through more than 23 years of experience in paraglider design with the enthusiasm to break new ground.
Performance-oriented pilots who appreciate maximum enjoyment should not miss out on the Astral 6!

What’s new - Astral 6 versus Astral 5

  • HAT – revised design with High Arc Technology: similar to a competition glider – strong canopy curvature with high aspect ratio.
  • Aspect ratio of 6.4: the highest among category 2 gliders. *
  • Flex Sticks: lightweight leading edge reinforcements with high form stability.
  • Durable lightweight construction: The use of lighter materials has reduced the canopy weight to just 5.6kg for a size 24 glider, and yet it has 57 cells.
  • New look: The appearance of a high performance glider with a slender silhouette, high aspect ratio and up-to-date design.
  • Additional new colours such as shades of purple and petrol-green/blue make it a real head-turner.
  • Riser – completely reworked, new shackle form.
  • Brake handle – now with soft neoprene cover and four possible levels of stiffness plus swivel.
Astral 6 22 24 26 28

LTF homologation

2 2 2 2

CEN homologation

60 - 80 70 - 95 85 - 110 100 - 130


57 57 57 57

Wing area (m²)

24 25,5 27 28,5

Wing area projected (m²)

20,2 21,2 22,5 23,7

Wing span (m)

12,39 12,77 13,15 13,5

Projected wing span (m)

9,53 9,78 10,06 10,32

Aspect ratio

6,4 6,4 6,4 6,4

Projected aspect ratio

4,5 4,5 4,5 4,5

Glider weight (kg)

5,1 5,4 5,75 6,05

Min. sink rate (m/s)

1,05 1,05 1,05 1,05

Max speed (km/h)

53 53 53 53

Trim speed (km/h)

39 39 39 39
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Special designs


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Foto: Martin Scheel / - Location: Canazei / Dolomitis / Italy

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Astral 6 22 24 26 28

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