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>> Discontinued line – please check availability before ordering! <<

Light in weight but high on comfort

The CONNECT LIGHT 2 builds on the great success enjoyed by the CONNECT LIGHT. We have been very pleased with the harness geometry of our new CONNECT 2 (harness with foam protector), and this is incorporated in the CONNECT LIGHT 2. You will notice how comfortable it is the very first time you try it.
With the CONNECT LIGHT 2, the inlet is no longer under the seat. Instead a side ram-air inlet is used to inflate the Cygnus Airbag. This means the airbag also offers a high level of protection during launch (tested according to the latest DHV guidelines).

The same Austria Alpin buckles are used as on the earlier model, and we have kept the large rear storage pocket. There is a wide opening for the reserve chute container, which makes reserve deployment much easier. The design has been altered according to these changes, and its elegant simplicity makes it very appealing.
We have managed to keep down the weight of the harness by carefully selecting materials which are light-weight yet durable.
The CONNECT LIGHT 2 can be used in a variety of situations. It is suitable for long cross-country flights and for extended trips to special places away from crowded flying sites, given that it has a very comfortable design and aerodynamic form, yet is still light-weight and small.

Design details for the SWING CONNECT LIGHT 2

  • Cygnus Airbag with ram air inflation
  • DHV certification up to 120 kg load
  • A range of adjustment options (seat and back)
  • Large rear storage pocket with attachment point for walking sticks (max. length 60 – 65cm)
  • Side net pockets, accessible during flight
  • redefined harness and seat geometry resulting in an excellent level of flying comfort
  • manufactured from durable, abrasion-resistant CORDURA fabric by DuPont
  • redesigned reserve system integrated under the seat with side release for foolproof RS release
  • Austria Alpin Cobra buckles, Safe-T-Bar leg strap system
  • Austria Alpin mini pulleys for speed system
  • aerodynamic design
  • signalling whistle on the chest-strap
  • optional relax bar

The SWING CONNECT LIGHT 2 can be ordered through your SWING distributor.

Connect Light 2  
Sizes available M = 155 - 170 cm
L = 170 - 185 cm
XL = 185 - 200 cm
Board measure (cm) M: breadth=32 depth=35
L: breadth=35 depth=38
XL: breadth=37,5 depth=40,5
Weight incl. Carabines (depending on size)
3,3 to 3,5 kg
max. Load 120kg

List price incl. 19% german VAT (EUR)

connectlight2 -2
connectlight2 -3
connectlight2 -4
connect light2-Kopie
Swing , Modellreihe
Test:Type-test certification
Level:Safety, Intermediate, Performance
Use:Social flying, Cross-country
Connect bearbeitet
Swing , Modellreihe
Test:Type-test certification
Level:Safety, Intermediate, Performance
Use:Social flying, Cross-country
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