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CONNECT REVERSE EVO - fly and like

The world's probably best-selling convertible harness is now available as a completely revised new version. We have kept the proven and well tested features, as e.g. the carrying system "Alpine Back System" by the alpine backpack specialist Deuter. In the further development and optimization, we have listened to our customers and invested a lot of time. We proudly present the result: proven and well tested, but much better.

The Connect Reverse Evo is a modern, functional and comfortable harness with an integrated rucksack. The X-frame system with curved profile aluminum stays provides exceptional weight carrying ability. Together with the anatomic hip belt, with bilaminate foam, it provides for comfort, flexibility and weight transfer and ensures that the „felt weight“ is noticeably reduced. On top of that, the reduced overall weight makes any ascent a playful pleasure and you’ll be tempted to take it for long hiking-tours. Launching and in flight mode the Reverse Evo impresses with a completely redesigned strap system with optimized geometry, which allows easier entry into the harness after take-off and provides more in-flight turbulence dampening. The lightweight buckles are easily adjusted and will stay in that position 100%. Regarding safety it features an air flow- independent airbag with, for a reversible harness, very good damping values along the entire back area.

The Connect Reverse is ideal for those looking for a durable and comfortable harness with low weight. May it be either for your Hike & Fly, for extended Vol- Biv adventures, for traveling or simply for flying pleasure.

You may look forward the following features:

Harness Features

  • New optimized and lighter belt system
  • New, optimized geometry (dampend, yet precise )
  • Easier transition from take-off to flying position
  • Lightweight aluminum buckles
  • Air-flow independent multi-chamber airbag (shape by titanium foam hybrid construction )
  • Integrated reserve container under the seat
  • Ergonomic seat for good connection and feeling for the glider
  • Comfortable ergonomic back padding with mesh insert for better ventilation
  • Lowered waist belt
  • lighter materials
  • easy to adjust buckles on the straps, that will stay 100% in position
  • adjustable back rest angle
  • adjustable seat board tilt
  • markings for recommended standard pilot position
  • storage compartment for water bladder (3 L ) + hydration tube passage
  • pocket with SOS card on the shoulder
  • two side pockets for Flight Accessories
  • signal whistle
  • smooth acceleration system with large bearing pulleys
  • free running shoulder straps
  • Velcro-less rescue channel system (signal color in the open state )
  • Quick out carabiner and steerable rescue mountable
  • right-or left-handed versions available
  • plenty of space to stow away your bivouac equipment

Backpack features

  • Sufficient volume (about 90 liters in size L) , even for large gliders and helmet
  • Lightweight, removable lid pocket with extra-large access
  • loops on the backpack floor e.g. for attaching a sleeping bag
  • side loops for trekking poles
  • 2 side pockets
  • additional pocket for hiking map
  • adjustable compression straps on the sides
  • 4 reflective strips outside for better visibility
  • Deuter Alpine Back carrying system with removable hip belt
  • signal whistle
  • prepared for 3 liter hydration system by Deuter
  • lighter material
  • optimized lid pocket ( easier , greater access )

Optional Accessories

  • rain protection cover by Deuter
  • transport cover by Deuter
  • extra side pockets Deuter
  • Deuter “Streamer” hydration system (3 litres)

Materials and specifications

  • The materials used in the harness are very light, but also very high quality and robust
  • weight 3.95 kg (size L)
  • robust but lightweight materials
  • plastic seat board
  • lightweight, functional buckles

Safety and Certification

  • Simple, easy and safe locking system
  • LTF approval without incident flow
  • multi-chamber airbag (titanium foam hybrid construction)
Connect Reverse Evo  
Sizes available M, L, XL (see Chart below)
Weight M: 3,85 kg
L: 3,95 kg
XL: 4,05 kg
Distance between Carabiners 36-42 cm
Seating area M – 35 x 32,5cm
L – 37,5 x 34,5cm
XL – 39,5 x 36,5cm.
Distance Carabiner-Seatboard M: 40 cm
L: 42 cm
XL: 44 cm
max. Load 120 kg
Protector LTF-certified, air-flow independent multi-chamber airbag (shape by titanium foam hybrid construction )
Rescue Container Integrated reserve container under the seat

DHV GS-03-0389-13

Scope of delivery

  • Deuter Hip Belt
  • Top Bag w/ extra wide access
  • 2x Camp Italy aluminium-carabiner
  • Rescue deployment handle
  • Manual

Connect Reverse Evo - Brustgurt
Connect Reverse Evo - Deckeltasche mit Komfort-Reissverschluss
Connect Reverse Evo - Details an der Seite
Connect Reverse Evo - Frontansicht
Connect Reverse Evo - komfortables Mesh-Rueckenteil
Connect Reverse Evo - markierte Grundeinstellung
Connect Reverse Evo - Schriftzug auf der Deckeltasche
Connect Reverse Evo - Sicherheitsfeature Schnalle mit Pfeife
Connect Reverse Evo - Speedsystem Befestigung
Connect Reverse Evo - Splint am Retterfach
Connect Reverse Evo - Staufach mit Biwak Equipment
Connect Reverse Evo - Tragesystem
Connect Reverse Evo - V-Leinen-Kanal in Signalfarbe
Connect Reverse Evo - Verstellsichere Gurte
Connect Reverse Evo - Zubehoer
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