Marius Beck Dahle

Swing Speedflying Team

, Year of Birth: 1989, Pilot since: 2014

Glider: Swing Spitfire2 11m and 9,5m

Sponsor: Swing

Website / Webprofile:


Job: Advertising and lifestyle photographer

Hobbies: photography, hiking, speedflying

Music: Mumford & Sons, Rolling Stones, Lemaitre,

I fly Swing because

I fall in love with the Spitfire2 the first time I flew it. It is the most complete wing I’ve flown so far. The range of the Swing wings are unbelivable, and I like how playful they are.

I like

Photography, exploring mountains and flying them, travel new places, mexican food

I dislike

How the climate is changing for the worse


I feel like I'm living the dream at the moment, but the dream would be to travel all the continents with the speedwing and my camera, creating stunning photos while flying with good friends.

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