Alexander Bogdanov

Powerplay Racing Team

, Geboren: 1969, Pilot seit: 1990

Glider: Scorpio

Sponsor: Swing / FreshBreeze

Website / Webprofile:

Beste Platzierungen / Rekorde

  • Since 1999: regular participation in paramotor sports events, Sports Master, member of the Russian select team
  • 2000: gold prize at the CIS Championship in individual classification
  • 2001: bronze prize at the World Championship and 2001 World Air Games in team classification
  • 2003: bronze prize at Geman PPG Cup in individual classification, director of the World Championship in PL2 category
  • 2003, 2007: official air operator at Base Open Air
  • 2005: Troika Air Project, world record in PL1 nonstop distance flights
  • 2008-2012 few times on Podium of EVDO Cup
  • Fly Games pilot since 2012
  • Unsupported 3000 km flight along Volga river at 2012

Personal info

Job: PG and PPG sales, aerial photos, and aviation projects

Hobbies: Speedriding, Kitesurfing, Ski, Playing harmonica

Musik: any good music, it can be different style

Ich fliege Swing weil

Becouse I love myself

Ich mag

Travel with my flying equipment and my friends

Ich mag nicht

To wait and when something you cannot manage


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