Swing Development Experience and Innovation

The official regulations placed on the design of paragliders are being made more and more rigorous, and SWING has formed a team of specialists to implement any new requirements. SWING has a long tradition of experience and expertise, and of being ready to pursue new directions. This includes the introduction of features which have now become standard such as:

  • V-Tapes
  • load-bearing tapes
  • special stabilo (wing-tip) links to reduce negative tendency
  • ability to calculate the ideal opening in the profile’s nose section
  • split A-risers
  • B-stall aid for tandem gliders
  • replaceable trimmer webbing
  • general quality control standards.

High-tech products are guaranteed because we create programmes to develop computer-generated images and use the latest software (which is continually improved under Swing’s leadership), e.g. to optimise aerodynamics.

It has never been and still is not our goal to develop pseudo-innovations. Our aim is clear: innovation with endurance and quality. The pilots in our development team have the experience necessary to give us a firm basis to pursue this aim, and to continue to set new standards. The cumulative experience of the individual experts and their particular skills are complementary, and this allows us to achieve perfect results.

A further characteristic of each member of our development team, and one which is very important in our view, is his or her love of paragliding and complete desire to enrich this sport to a high standard with products which are safe, fun to use and aesthetically pleasing.

Assistant pilots


  • Daniel Tyrkas, Competition and testing tutor for DE
  • Maurizio Bottegal, Swing Italia, Competition tutor for IT
  • Peter "Peetsch" Neuenschwander, Competition and testing
  • Loris Berta, Competition
  • Federico Nevastro, Competition


  • Daniel Kofler, Speedflying, Speedriding
  • Bernhard Kaelin, Speedflying, Speedriding

Motorised Flying

  • Lars Pongs, Motorised flight/paramotoring
  • Michael Werner, Motorised flight/paramotoring
  • Peter Schulz, Motorised flight/paramotoring


  • Dr. Stefan Müller, science, aerodynamics