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  • Gliders with special colors
  • Gliders with advertising
  • "My Custom Paraglider " - A manual, Step-by-Step
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Using a paraglider for advertising

Most people are fascinated by free flight, especially by paragliding which is the most aesthetic of all forms of aviation. This fascination means that a paraglider can be used as a particularly effective advertising surface. There are other advantages too: the costs are relatively low and it is technically easy to carry out. This makes a paraglider the ideal advertising space not only for a sponsor but also, for example, for your own business or website.
In general there are two ways to individualise the paraglider,

  • firstly by a special design,
  • secondly, by adding an advertising message to it.

Paraglider sponsoring

Here are some facts and information which you may find helpful in finding sponsors or applying for sponsorship.

File for download:

Acrobat Reader pdf (140Kb)

Paragliders in special colours

If a special colour is used, the paraglider has the same Swing design but one or more colours are changed, as required by the customer. The only cost to the customer is a surcharge of € 250. Special colours therefore mean there is no change to the standard pattern/template.

Special color design tool

Special color design tool

Paragliders with advertising messages

Swing produces more than 100 sponsor gliders annually and can therefore draw on an extensive wealth of experience.

Example of a sewn-in logo:

There are basically two ways to add advertising messages and logos to a glider: an adhesive can be used or they can be or sewn in. It is mainly the size and type of lettering which determines which option is more appropriate.

Adhesive lettering / logos

Example of an adhesive logo:


  • The logo can be removed.
  • The logo can be made separately from the glider
  • There are many different colour options (approx. 20 different colours)
  • Particularly recommended if the lettering is smaller (up to 30cm high) or very fine and/or very curved

Swing can also make gliders in one colour for this method (at the special colour surcharge of € 100) . More examples and informations: www.gleitschirmbeschriftung.de (German Site).


  • Affixing something to the canopy increases its weight and, in the case of large lettering, may invalidate the DHV classification
  • The increased canopy weight may negatively affect launch behaviour
  • Collapse behaviour may deteriorate
  • Colours are not very bright because the canopy is double-layered
  • Traces of adhesive are usually left if the logo is subsequently removed, to which dirt may get stuck.

Sewn-in lettering / logos


  • Negligible increase in canopy weight
  • DHV certification is not affected
  • No change to flight behaviour
  • The colours are usually better
  • Particularly recommended for large and thick lettering
  • Likely to be cheaper for large writing.


  • Limited choice of colours. The colours available are black, white, red, blue, light blue, yellow, orange and grey. For the Everest, only blue, white and red are available because light-weight fabric is used.
  • Logos/lettering cannot be removed later (generally not recommended)

Combined lettering (adhesives and sewn-in lettering/logos)

It has possible to have large areas sewn-in and adhesives for smaller details. Example:

My custom glider - step-by-step

1) What is the best way to design a glider with a logo?

  • It is best to use white or a light colour for the top surface, so that the bottom surface remains true-to-colour.
  • For the bottom surface, white and high-contrast colours are best for the wording (black or blue). Red tends to look grey from a distance.
  • Avoid small lettering (less than 30cm), because it is almost impossible to read it from further away than 30m.
  • Keep the information/text to a minimum.
  • Logos can also be put on the top surface
  • If possible, use easily legible lettering.

2) How do I create the pattern for my personalised glider ?

a) Download the plan-form

The best way is to download a .cdr-file (Corel Draw - Version 9) of the plan-form for the preferred glider model (Links below). For those who do not use this file format, you can download the plan-forms for the glider models in .pdf format.

b) Advertising message/Logo

The pattern must also be available as Corel Draw file (up to Version 9). Please do not include any image formats (jpg, bmp etc.) because these cannot be freely enlarged and can therefore not be used. Avoid unnecessary small details, any shading and embellishments in the logo, because they reduce legibility and can increase the cost.

c) Positioning the advertising message/ logo

Position the advertising message on the bottom or top surface of one of the plan-forms (ai or cdr). Note: make sure that the lettering does not go over into the trailing edge area (ideally keep at least 30cm away from the trailing edge), because this area cannot be read when the brakes are being used. The wing-tip area of the glider is pulled down (this cannot be seen from the plan-form). We therefore recommend that there is no lettering on the outer 5-6 cells.

d) Fabric colours
Match the lettering to the fabric colours available (see above). Do not forget to specify the colours for the top and bottom surfaces.


e) Text

Please convert all text to curves/paths so that there is no difficulty in adopting the font. Swing can do this if you are not able to. In this case, Swing will return a .pdf-file for you to confirm the final lay-out.

3) Where do I send the file?

Send the complete file with the following information to info@swing.de or the complete PDF to the following telefax number: +49 8141 327 870

Followed informations are needed:

  • Model
  • Size (very important)
  • Preferred dealer, who will handle the transaction (send a copy of the e-mail to the dealer too)
  • Colour choice for the top and bottom surfaces
  • Name and telephone number for any questions

This is how the completed file should look:


Collect the cost estimate from the dealer after approx. 4 business days, and pay the fee of € 30. This amount must be charged because considerable work goes into processing the order enquiry. It is deducted from the final price if a glider is ordered. The complete order must be placed through the dealer.

Changes cannot be made after the order has been placed, so please check all information thoroughly. It is not possible to exchange the glider or cancel the order.

Other questions ?

A) What is the additional charge for a glider with advertising?

The price depends on the complexity of the logo, how much detail there is, and mainly on the number of cells affected. Simple, less complex logos can cost the customer between € 400-800. Very complex logos can cost up to € 1000 or even more. Depending on the size of the advertising message, there may be a price difference between the two methods (adhesive or sewn-in). However, the cost for both is generally about the same. We charge € 30 for providing an estimate, but this is deducted from the final price if you proceed with the order.

Example of an simple advertising message


Examples of an complicated advertising message


B) How long will delivery take?

The usual production time is 2-4 weeks after the order is confirmed and the final files are sent, plus the delivery time from Swing to the dealer.

C) Is the warranty affected?

No, Swing continues to give a 3-year warranty for all gliders, apart from the Everest. ?