Models of SWING glider which are fitted with a trimmer-riser system

The trimmer webbing is subject to wear and tear. It will change over time and as a result of use, and will need to be replaced at some stage.
It must be ensured that the trim is operating correctly and in particular that it is safely adjusted. If the trimmer opens in an uncontrolled manner (asymmetrically), this can result in abnormal flight behaviour, which is not consistent with the test flight reports by the testing agency.

It is essential to check that the trimmer is operating safely before every flight.
This can be done on the ground by closing the trimmer and then pulling on the D-riser and main attachment point. If the trimmer slips even when slight force is used, its functioning may be restricted.

At the first indications of the trimmer opening independently during flight, the trimmer-riser system should no longer be used.

Possible causes:

- the trimmer band is dirty or worn out

- the trimmer fastener has worn out

What to do:

- notify the defect to SWING, or to an approved
inspection and repair facility