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Tu Equipo Swing

Target groups

Competition and cross-country pilots with the highest performance requirements.

Construction details

SWING has officially withdrawn from the competition scene, but the development of high-performance wings has of course continued.
This explains why we already have here the 4th generation STRATUS. Swing has decided not to withhold this glider from competition and cross-country pilots and is making the Stratus available to this group following requests from interested pilots.
Michael Hartmann has put all of his competition experience into this product and impressed the experts with the STRATUS at the Stubai Cup 2002. Like the ASTRAL, the STRATUS was also designed with a new software programme.
For the first time, attention can be given to distortions in the canopy right from the paraglider's development phase. This noticeably reduces the undesirable micro-folds in the fabric, which has a direct effect on glide performance and speed.
Furthermore, the more uniform development ensures an almost flawless and integrated picture of the physical characteristics of the paraglider.


A new combination of materials is also used for the STRATUS.
We have used a 44 g/m silicone fabric from Perseverance for the top surface.
The proven WT 7 from Toray is used for the bottom surface.
This combination of materials allows moisture to escape from the inside of the paraglider by diffusion, despite a good porosity reading for the top surface.

Flying characteristics

Comparisons with the world's current best competition gliders at Stubai Cup 2002 show that the STRATUS is one of the strongest performing wings in the high-performance area.
It has good launch behaviour and this, along with its response to problems during flight, which can be mastered by proficient pilots, mean that the STRATUS is of interest for more than just the world elite.

Stratus 4 22 24 26
* Breitenerprobung      

Homologación LTF

BE * BE * BE *
Carga total en vuelo (kg) mín./máx clase abierta 76 - 100 86 - 110 96 - 120


72 75 75

Superficie (m²)

25 27 28,5

Superficie proyectada (m²)

21,8 23,6 25,7

Envergadura real (m)

12,75 13,14 13,5

Envergadura proyectada (m)

9,7 10,23 10,78

Alargamiento real

6 6,2 6,2

Peso de la vela (kg)

6,6 7 7,3

Velocidad máx. 100% acel. aprox.(km/h)

60 60 60

Máximo planeo (frenos libres aprox.(km/h)

39-40 39-40 39-40


Existen dos posibilidades para crear un parapente de manera individual:

  • Simplemente cambiar los colores a tu gusto
  • Hacer un parapente con la colocación de letras / logotipos publicitarios.

Patrocinar un parapente

Aquí los datos y consejos que te pueden ayudar en la adquisición de posibles patrocinadores.



El tiempo de suministro para parapentes con colores especiales puede variar mucho según la capacidad de la producción en el momento del pedido. Pregunta a tu distribuidor cuál es el tiempo real para tu vela de colores especiales.

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Foto: Björn Hänsler - Location: Bregenzerwald / Austria

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Stratus 4 22 24 26

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