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TWIN 5 - Double Pleasure

INNOVATIVE Solutions for double pleasure

Keep the well-proven and improve it with the latest technologies: this was the motto for the development of the TWIN 5. The goal was to further optimize SWING´s most successful tandem glider.

This was achieved with an improved leading edge design, 3D-Shaping, the use of flexible and durable rigid elements and other changes. The result: excellent start properties and an extremely stable canopy.

Just like its predecessor, the TWIN 5 offers great handling - almost like a solo glider. SWING kept the well-known high degree of passive safety. Fans of the TWIN 4 may therefore look forward to a familiar feeling in flight.

Once in the air, you will feel its great speed range and the glide performance, which could be increased using 3D-Shaping on the leading edge. At the end of the flight, pilot and passenger can look forward to a soft landing. This is based on the great slow flight characteristics, the gentle stall properties and an excellent flare behavior.

The TWIN 5 is ideal for professional tandem businesses. Especially with difficult conditions you will appreciate its optimal take-off and landing characteristics. So each flight begins and ends with a high degree of security.

Next to professionals the TWIN 5 targets all tandem pilots who appreciate great handling and best glide performance for relaxed and beautiful XC flights.

Technical and design highlights compared to the predecessor

And the resulting properties of the TWIN 5

  • Consistent further development of the most successful tandem of SWING
  • Optimized material mix of the canopy
  • New leading edge design with flexible and durable rigid elements
  • Optimized risers
  • Variable brake height adjustment
  • Big Ears Support Feature
  • 3D-shaping for optimum dimensional accuracy and airflow around the canopy
  • Excellent take off characteristics
  • Great landing behavior
  • Pleasant handling and agility
  • Wide speed range
  • Simple and effortless Big Ears
  • Glide performance & high passive safety
  • Low packing volume
  • Brake adjustable on the riser for different suspension heights and arm length
  • Durability and light weight (0.3 kg lighter than its predecessor)

The TWIN 5 is also available as TWIN 5 S. Made for lightweight passengers & children with a handling like a solo glider. Maximum load capacity for the S size is 190kg. Good news for big boys: Using the “Vario”-risers, TWIN5 S is also certified for solo use.


Twin 5 small large

Homologación LTF


Homologación CEN

110 - 190 140 - 220

Cantidad de asientos

1-2 2


49 49

Superficie (m²)



Superficie proyectada (m²)

35,8 37,5

Envergadura real (m)

15,1 15,4

Envergadura proyectada (m)

11,9 12,2

Alargamiento real

5,4 5,4

Alargamiento proyectado

3,96 3,96

Peso de la vela (kg)



Velocidad máx. 100% acel. aprox.(km/h)

45 - 47 45 - 47

Máximo planeo (frenos libres aprox.(km/h)

38 - 40 38 - 40

Precio de catálogo incluido 19% IVA alemán (EUR)

Twin 5 - Colors
Twin 5 - Colors
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Existen dos posibilidades para crear un parapente de manera individual:

  • Simplemente cambiar los colores a tu gusto
  • Hacer un parapente con la colocación de letras / logotipos publicitarios.

Patrocinar un parapente

Aquí los datos y consejos que te pueden ayudar en la adquisición de posibles patrocinadores.



El tiempo de suministro para parapentes con colores especiales puede variar mucho según la capacidad de la producción en el momento del pedido. Pregunta a tu distribuidor cuál es el tiempo real para tu vela de colores especiales.

Volumen de entrega

  • Swing TWIN 5
  • Sherpa Backpack
  • Innerbag
  • Compression Strap
  • Riser Bag
  • Spreader Bar NT
  • Manual

SWING Multi Grip Demonstration


After really enjoying the Twin 4 and doing over 1000 flights on both of the models (Large and Small), We at Tandem Paragliding in Cape Town, South Africa, didn't think there could be a better Tandem wing.
We have flown most every wing imaginable, from Mac to Advance, Air design and K2 2, from Skywalk to Bion and when the Twin 5 was released, I thought it could only be a small improvement on the Twin 4.
I am very pleasantly surprised and it comes up even lighter, handles superbly, very noticeably in rough to very rough air and has a superior glide and top speed to the twin 4. We paramotor a lot and the Twin 5 is probably the best non-reflex paramotoring wing I can envisage.
Swing, thanks again for an excellent product. We are now proudly flying a couple of them for our season!  - Stef Juncker (Owner



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